PT. Cipta Aneka Air

pt cipta aneka air


PT. Cipta Aneka Air offers comprehensive water and wastewater solutions to the General Industries. Our solutions include reverse osmosis, disinfection, pretreatment solutions and reducing BOD and COD levels to discharge standards.

We offer turnkey installations and operation and maintenance for :
  1. Boiler feed water
  2. Reverse Osmosis systems
  3. Wastewater treatment using Norit MBR systems
  4. Conventional Wastewater systems
  5. Ultrafiltration for pretreatment
  6. Ultraviolet Disinfection from Wedeco
  7. Multimedia Filters for pretreatment
  8. Demineralizers
  9. Cooling Tower maintenance
  10. Boiler maintenance
  11. Operation and Maintenance contract for water and wastewater systems

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