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pt cipta aneka air

Multi Media Filter (MMF)

CAA Multi Media Filter is a depth filter consisting of a mixture of coarse and fine sand. This arrangement allow lager particles to readly penetrate in to the bed. The fine media also produces zones throughout the bed which are conducive to flocculation of smaller particles and their retention. A coarse medium (anthracite) is positioned above a layer of fine filter medium (generally sand). the coarse medium filter prevents the formation of the "thin film layer" which is common in a sand filter.


The choice of multi media is important becaouse  it will able to do the following :

  1. Prevent the suspended solids form passing through
  2. Hold the particles as loosely as possible in order to provide easy backwash
  3. Able to hold a large volume of suspended matter without clogging

The performance of multi media filter could be defined as follows :

  1. Remove 95% of particles
  2. Remove 69% plus organic matter

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